Beginners Guide to GOBO Projection Lighting

The term “GOBO” is derived from “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics”, and most commonly refers to any lighting device, which projects patterns of light and shadows. Typically a precision cut template is mounted into, or placed in front of, a light source to create a custom projection of an image or effect with the light.

You need 2 things to create custom Gobo Projection…

  1. A Spotlight: This is the light source used to project your custom image. Starting price for gobo spotlights that use low-power LED’s is around $300 with the professional quality large-scale projectors coming in at over $3,000 each
  2. A Gobo: is best compared to a custom-printed stencil, and they are usually made out of metal or glass. There are a wide variety of designs available for most sizes, or you can design your own; each will run you between $30 and $400

Things to remember when using gobo lighting…

The whole game here is making sure that your lighting equipment is set up and positioned properly, and to do that – you need to fine-tune 2 things:

  1. The distance between your gobo screen, and your light source has a direct impact on the shadows that are projected with your image
  2. The position of your spotlight in relation to the projection surface will also have a dramatic effect on the quality of your lighting; tweak both for optimal results

If you are interested in learning more about using Gobo Projection lighting at your event, please contact us to get started.

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