64 Things You Need to Know in Chess by John Walker

By John Walker

This is a uncomplicated primer in case you know the way to play chess and are looking for to enhance. each one 'thing' is defined in an easy-to-follow lesson, that is via routines that let the reader to ascertain that she or he has absolutely understood the idea that. themes comprise: the elemental checkmates; crucial endgame wisdom; strategies and combos; middlegame subject matters; ordinary checkmating styles; establishing play.

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If the pawn has not already reached the sixth rank, the general rule is that to win you will need both: a) to have the opposition. b) to get your king in front of your pawn. a b c d e 43 Black can only choose how to lose! '�e8 4 �c7 �e7 5 d5 and 3 d8 4 'iii>d6 'it>e8 5 �c7 d6 2 d5 �d7! ti>d7 5 �d5 �d8 and we have the position in the last diagram on the previous page. ti>d7 (if l ...

Alexandre ignored three of the don 'ts in his game on the previous page. The first don 't: Don't go out of your way to pinch pawns in the opening. You will only waste time. The second don 't: Don't move the same piece more than once unless you have to do so. You will only waste time. The third don 't: Don't begin to attack un­ til you have most of your pieces developed. You will only be beaten back and waste time. Schnitzler countered Black's bad plan with the do. The do: Develop aggressively if you can.

Can he get there? Does it matter whose move it is? Let's see. Suppose it is White's move. The white king can't advance to f2, e2 or d2 because the black king is blocking or op­ posing him. The white king has to move sideways. Suppose 1 �dl. What does Black do? l �d3! (D) ... 4 4 3 3 2 2 Of course! He continues to oppose the white king. Every time the white king takes a step sideways the black king follows and opposes 3 3 2 2 Black no longer has the opposition. He at­ tacks e2, d2 and c2, but not f2.

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