A Clinician's Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry by Christopher Gillberg, Richard Harrington, Hans-Christoph

By Christopher Gillberg, Richard Harrington, Hans-Christoph Steinhausen

Offering a finished review of the most problems encountered by means of baby and adolescent psychiatrists in medical perform, this authoritative medical instruction manual levels from consuming, sleep and affective problems to substance abuse, gender id and sexual abuse. The procedure is evidence-based and emphasis is on stable scientific perform and quality controls of sufferer care. not like different books within the box, the authors' purpose isn't to hide exhaustively all of the correct technology, yet particularly to give in condensed shape any study findings which are major for medical perform.

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If the epileptogenic zone cannot be identified and the patient suffers from multifocal seizures, especially with generalized seizures that lead to drop attacks, a corpus callosotomy, leading to a disconnection of the two hemispheres, can be performed. The corpus callosotomy is only a palliative procedure, whereas both focal cortical resection and hemispherectomy are curative. Recent evaluations of surgical treatment of epilepsy in children, adolescents and adults have provided favourable results.

5. Classification of epilepsy according to the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) I. Partial (focal, local) seizures Definition: The first clinical and/or EEG changes indicate initial involvement of part of one hemisphere. Partial seizures are classified on the basis of an impairment of consciousness A. Simple partial seizures (no impairment of consciousness) B. Complex partial seizures (with impairment of consciousness) C. Partial seizures with secondary generalization II. Generalized seizures Definition: The first clinical and/or EEG changes indicate initial involvement of both hemispheres.

Those suffering from the rare Landau–Kleffner syndrome improve dramatically in their learning ability after surgery. In temporal lobectomy the complete removal of abnormal tissue containing the epileptogenic zone should lead to better outcome. With early onset of seizures, there is a good chance that brain plasticity will have ensured that most useful cognitive functions reside in the normal tissue. Outcome The general outcome of epilepsy varies with the type of seizures. Infantile spasms mainly occur as a result of pre-existing brain damage and therefore carry a poor prognosis.

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