A Colour Atlas of Bone Disease (Wolfe Medical Atlases) by Victor Parsons

By Victor Parsons

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Premedication ann local anaesthesia are necessary, and the soft tissue and periosteum are cut and displaced before trephining. The bone sample is fixed for 24 hours in 4 per cent formaldehyde which has been alkalised with sodium barbitone. or 70 per cent alcohol. Either two cores are taken or the cylinder of bone is carefully divided lengthways with a fine saw. The two parts are embedded separately for the preparation of mineralised and demineralised sections. Mineralised 611-sections are prepared-from double resin embedded blocks (82).

79 per cent of the measured area. 5 per cent. 9 percent), are found in elderly women in the seventh to ninth decades (91 ). 1 per cent of the areas measured. Using these techniques a composite picture of normal and diseased bone can be built up. Bone is seen both as a skeletal structure undergoing constant renewal and as a metabolic store of ions such as calcium and phosphate which can be mobilised for healing fractures, foetal growth, lactation, muscle contraction and in times of mineral deprivation.

In a few patients nodular hyperplasia in which glands weigh several grams is associated with severe bone disease. Osteitis fibrosa due to secondary hyperparathyroidism occurs in practically all patients with renal osteodystrophy. The lesions can be superficial or deep. Osteoclastic resorption of bone with marrow fibrosis (166 mineralisedsection, Goldner's stain x 250), and collections of multinucleated osteoclasts in the more severe cases (167 mineralised section, H&E x 120). 166 Osteitis fibrosa 167 Osteitis fibrosa 53 168 Renal osteodystrophy Osteomalacia seen as a large excess of osteoid five or more seams thick covering cancellous trabeculae (168 mineralised section.

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