A Learning System in Histology by Deborah W. Vaughan

By Deborah W. Vaughan

This CD-ROM with accompanying handbook will introduce clinical, allied future health, and undergraduate scholars to the common sense of anatomical considering and the microscopic constitution of the body's tissues. Its correlation of low energy with excessive strength perspectives, the standard of its photos, and the benefit of utilizing the CD could be rather beautiful positive aspects. it isn't an entire digital atlas with links of images to textual content yet fairly a overview of morphology that vitamins the historical past lab the place scholars glance through a microscope at slides of tissue specimens.

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You will examine gap junctions in smooth and cardiac muscle cells (Chapter 9). Two opposing faces of a plasma membrane forming a zonula occludens are illustrated in Electron Micrograph #7. The freeze-fracture technique in which a small block of tissue is rapidly frozen and split, preferentially splits the plasma membrane between its two lipid leaflets. This preparation reveals the intramembranous arrangement of the transmembrane linker proteins that comprise the tight junction. Depending on the functional requirements of the tissue in which they occur, tight junctions may be very tight and completely isolate the luminal compartment from the basolateral compartment of an epithelium, or they may have varying degrees of leakiness.

This structure is termed the terminal bar apparatus and it is a belt-like structure that encircles the apical region of the cell. You can detect the geometry of this belt by examining a region of epithelium that is sectioned in a tangential plane (or sectioned parallel to the free surface) through the apical region of the columnar cells. Look in such an area for the pink-stained structure that has the same staining characteristics as the terminal bar apparatus you identified in the vertical section of the epithelium.

The stretched, or distended, transitional epithelium has as few as two layers, and the interface with the underlying lamina propria is stretched and no longer undulating, The cells in the superficial layer are large and relatively squamous. This epithelium should not be confused with a stratified squamous epithelium, because the latter has many more layers of cells. Because this epithelium lines the passageways and bladder of the urinary system, it is also termed a urothelium. STRATIFIED CUBOIDAL AND STRATIFIED COLUMNAR EPITHELIUM.

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