A Posteriori Error Analysis via Duality Theory by Weimin Han

By Weimin Han

This quantity presents a posteriori errors research for mathematical idealizations in modeling boundary worth difficulties, specially these bobbing up in mechanical purposes, and for numerical approximations of various nonlinear variational difficulties. the writer avoids giving the implications within the such a lot normal, summary shape in order that it truly is more uncomplicated for the reader to appreciate extra sincerely the fundamental principles concerned. Many examples are incorporated to teach the usefulness of the derived blunders estimates.

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Hence Suppose a* 2 0. Then since u E dom(f ) , there is a sequence {v,) with v, + u as n + co. Then + ( w * , u ) a*a > /? Thus we must have a* < 0 and therefore Then the inequality is valid for any v E V with f ( v ) > -m. 16 is the following. rn COROLLARY 2 . c. Assume u E dom ( j ) . 1. 3. CONTINUITY AND DIFFERENTIABILITY The purpose of this section is to list a few results on the continuity and differentiability of convex functions so that readers with little background on convex analysis can get familiar with basic properties of convex functions.

So we expect an optimal function u should keep its sign. 16). So the best constant is expected to be Let us show that these formulas indeed provide the best constant. , [61]). 18 I f v E H 1 ( f l ) ,then Ivl E ~ ' ( f l and ), i Vv Vlvl = 0 -Vv i f v > 0, i f v = 0, i f v < 0. From this lemma, we immediately obtain the next result. 27). 26) is given by Proof. For any v E H;; (O), by Lemma 1-19,we have Iv 1 E Hhl ( f l ) and Preliminaries Therefore, This completes the proof. 20 in the derivation of an a posteriori error estimate in the study of material idealization for a torsion problem in linearized elasticity.

For any K E Ph, its diameter diam ( K ) 5 h. The assumption that the domain R is a polygon ensures that it can be partitioned into straight-sided triangles and quadrilaterals. 7 for a finite element mesh. For convenience in practical implementation as well as in theoretical analysis, it is assumed that there exist a finite number of fixed polyhedra, called reference elements or master elements, ambiguously represented by one symbol K ,such that for each element K , there is an invertible affine mapping function FK with K = FK ( K ).

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