A Question of Values: Johan Galtung's Peace Research by Peter Lawler

By Peter Lawler

Areas the paintings of Johan Galtung within the context of prior and present debates in diplomacy, political thought, and extra as a rule, within the social sciences. This accomplished and important account scrutinises Galtung's conceptual icons, comparable to, confident peace and structural violence.

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The minimal sketch of a different, pluralist global reality spoke to an underlying foundationalism; it was itself a universal value idea. Galtung had not moved as far from a vision of a rational global social order as might be at first supposed. " But as was the case with Comtean positivism, Galtungian science failed to give a complete account of itself. Conclusion As the dialogue between the imaginary realist and idealist endeavored to show, the argument for trilateral science challenged the notion that the search for alternative reality was an inherently idealist exercise: "for could there be anything less realistic than the assumptions on which data-based science have been built...

Rosenau, Postmodernism and The Social Sciences, pp. 4-5. 16. , p. 16 17. White, "Poststructuralism and Political Reflection," p. 191. 18. Roy, Walker, and Ashley, "Dialogue: Towards a Critical Social Theory of International Politics," p. 88. It is insightful to contrast Walker's and Ashley's contributions to this dialogue with Rosenau's distinction between skeptical and affirmative postmodern voices in mind. " Ashley's position is far more ambiguous, to me at least. 19. Ashley, "Living on Borderlines," p.

Like human personalities, social cosmologies were deemed to be necessary components of human social existence. Though malleable and subject to distortion, their essence preceded manipulation. This assumption sat uneasily with Galtung's apparent approval of the description of religion as a man-made opiate, a view that appeared to cast doubt upon the utility of religious vision. 40 For Marx. religion was a man-made distortion of man's true being, an expression of an imperfect self-awareness. As such, it could only be a barrier to emancipation and must be removed in order that humanity can truly be free.

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