A Textbook of Regional Anatomy by J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

By J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

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The areola (areola= space,area, Latin) is pink in the nulliparous woman but becomes darker during pregnancy. It contains a number of sebaceous glands which enlarge during pregnancy (Mongomery 's tubercles; W. Montgomery, I797-I859, Irish gynaecologist). Their oily secretion assists in keeping the nipple supple during lactation. The breast itself lies in the superficial fascia outside the deep fascia on the front of the chest. Typically its deep surface extends vertically from the second to the sixth rib and horizontally from the edge of the sternum to the midaxillary line, a vertical line through the middle of the armpit (axilla).

The cervical pleura is covered by a fairly dense layer of connective tissue called the suprapleural membrane (Sibson's fascia; F. Sibson, 1814-76, English physician) which is attached above to the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra and inferiorly to the medial border of the first rib. The mediastinal pleura covers the right and left walls of the mediastinum (figures 23, 24). On the right side it is related to the right atrium of the heart in its pericardium. Entering the right atrium from above is the superior vena cava and more superiorly are the right brachiocephalic vein and, arching forwards, the vena azygos which joins the superior vena cava.

In the right lung there is, in addition to the oblique fissure, a horizontal fissure which passes forwards from the anterior edge of the hilum to the anterior border and across the costal surface to meet the oblique fissure in the midaxillary line. The upper lobe is thus divided into a middle lobe and an upper lobe. The middle lobe is wedge-shaped. There is one further difference between the right and left lungs. The anterior border of the left lung deviates to the left for about 4 em at what corresponds with the fourth left costal cartilage and then turns downwards to the lower border which it meets at the level of the sixth costal cartilage.

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