An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal Muscles, 3rd Edition by Bradley S. Bowden

By Bradley S. Bowden

An Illustrated Atlas of the Skeletal muscle groups , 3rd variation is designed as a practical reference, complement, and research consultant for college kids and health and wellbeing pros with a wide range of pursuits within the common constitution and serve as of skeletal-muscular platforms.

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The nerve can be identified where it enters the larynx just posterior to the inferior cornu of the thyroid cartilage. If the nerve is not found, a nonrecurrent nerve should be suspected, especially on the right. In the lower portion of its course, the nerve can be palpated as a tight strand over the tracheal surface. There is more connective tissue between the nerve and the trachea on the right than on the left. Visual identification, with avoidance of traction, compression, or stripping the connective tissue, is all that is necessary.

Neck ◼ POSTERIOR CERVICAL TRIANGLE (FIG. 7) The posterior cervical triangle is sometimes considered to be two triangles— occipital and subclavian—divided by the posterior belly of the omohyoid muscle or, perhaps, by the spinal accessory nerve (see Fig. 7); we will treat it as one. The boundaries of the posterior triangle are: ◼ Anterior: sternocleidomastoid muscle ◼ Posterior: anterior border of trapezius muscle ◼ Inferior: clavicle ◼ Floor: prevertebral fascia and muscles, splenius capitis muscle, levator scapulae muscle, and three scalene muscles ◼ Roof: superficial investing layer of the deep cervical fascia Contents of the posterior cervical triangle include: subclavian artery, subclavian vein, cervical nerves, brachial plexus, phrenic nerve, accessory phrenic nerve, spinal accessory nerve, and lymph nodes.

Within the visceral compartment under the pretracheal fascia, the isthmus of the thyroid gland will be found, except that in 10 % it is absent. A thyroid ima artery is possible, as well as a suspensory ligament of the thyroid and a levator thyroid muscle in, or close to, the midline. ◼ PAROTID GLAND (FIG. 21) Relations of the Parotid Gland The parotid gland lies beneath the skin in front of and below the ear. It is contained within the investing layer of the deep fascia of the neck, called locally the parotid fascia, and the gland can be felt only under pathological conditions.

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