An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming by Dave Shreiner, Ed Angel, Vicki Shreiner

By Dave Shreiner, Ed Angel, Vicki Shreiner

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One way to think of problem is that the viewing system is left-handed so distances from the camera are measured from the camera to the object. 50 An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming Common Transformation Usage 3 examples of resize() routine • restate projection & viewing transformations Usually called when window resized Registered as callback for glutReshapeFunc() 51 Example: Suppose the user resizes the window. Do we see the same objects? What if the new aspect ratio is different from the original?

Three transformations (ModelView, perspective, texture) are part of the state. Their matrices can be set by application programs but the operations are carried out within the viewing pipeline. ) viewing volume camera model tripod 33 This model has become know as the synthetic camera model. Note that both the objects to be viewed and the camera are three-dimensional while the resulting image is two dimensional. 33 An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming Camera Analogy and Transformations Projection transformations • adjust the lens of the camera Viewing transformations • tripod–define position and orientation of the viewing volume in the world Modeling transformations • moving the model Viewport transformations • enlarge or reduce the physical photograph 34 Note that human vision and a camera lens have cone-shaped viewing volumes.

The color buffer is usually divided into two equal halves, called the front buffer and the back buffer. The front buffer is displayed while the application renders into the back buffer. When the application completes rendering to the back buffer, it requests the graphics display hardware to swap the roles of the buffers, causing the back buffer to now be displayed, and the previous front buffer to become the new back buffer. 62 An Interactive Introduction to OpenGL Programming Animation Using Double Buffering Request a double buffered color buffer glutInitDisplayMode( GLUT_RGB | GLUT_DOUBLE ); Clear color buffer glClear( GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT ); Render scene Request swap of front and back buffers glutSwapBuffers(); Repeat steps 2 - 4 for animation 63 Requesting double buffering in GLUT is simple.

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