Anatomy in Surgery by Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

By Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

In this e-book on surgical anatomy, the writer ter of the illustrations are in color-a characteristic has deviated significantly from the standard plan which provides tremendously to their worth. and has provided the cloth with a more robust Anatomy is a crucial part of surgical procedure surgical perspective. evidently, it is going to allure and is especially invaluable within the education of a sur­ basically to surgeons and especially to these geon. Years in the past it used to be might be overempha­ in education simply because operative technic is in­ sized within the must haves of a healthcare professional. in the course of cluded with the anatomy. the complete physique is fresh years whilst an information of body structure lined within the anatomic dialogue and the used to be stumbled on to be so vital to the health practitioner, rules of technic defined for the impor­ anatomy has to a very good volume been missed. tant operations. this technique of presentation The pendulum is threatening to swing too some distance of anatomic facts has an noticeable virtue and provides the younger medical professional the concept he in that it correlates the anatomy with the tech­ don't need to spend time on anatomy. The time nical section of surgical procedure; with no query, the need by no means come whilst anatomy should be unim­ younger doctor will locate that this integration portant to the medical professional; the younger general practitioner will make it a lot more straightforward for him to recollect should always savor this. it can be secure the $64000 anatomic details.

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Meningitis or abscess in the frontal lobe itary gland. Anteriorly, the ridge is known as may be a sequela of this type of fracture. If the tuberculum sellae; on either side of which the cribriform plate does not heal after frac- is an anterior clinoid process. Immediatelyanture and if a dural laceration remains unre- terior to this process the optic foramen is situpaired, there may be a continuous discharge ated at the end of the optic groove. The poste- Interior of the Skull rior part of the sella turcica is formed by the crest of the dorsum sellae, ending laterally in the posterior clinoid process (Fig.

1 ' " P ce. ' space Pia rnatczI'''''--3-Subapa hnOldspace Arachnoid'" "4-IntracereI ~ranulation (pacchioni) : Falx dzrebri bral (space) tissue Fig. 21. Diagrammatic frontal section through the scalp, the skull, the meninges and the brain. The arachnoid villi invade the dura, and the sub- arachnoid space is trabeculated. The 4 intracranial spaces should be noted. and posterior median fissures that are continuous with those of the cord. Bulging arachnoid granulations (enlarged villi of the arachnoid projecting through the layers of the dura mater) project from each side of the median sagittal plane and produce the pits found on the parietal bone.

The inferior quadrigemi- structure in that gray matter forms a layer nal bodies are associated with auditory path- of cortex placed on the surface and not cenways. A medial groove separates the ventral trally, as in the spinal cord and the brain stem. part of the peduncle, forming the basis or The medulla oblongata extends from the crusta pedu1lculi. The dorsal part of the pe- foramen magnum to the lower border of the duncle is known as the tegmentum and con- pons. It connects the spinal cord below to the tains important afferent pathways and the red pons above.

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