Applied Numerical Methods with MatLab by Steven Chapra

By Steven Chapra

Steven Chapra’s Applied Numerical equipment with MATLAB, 3rd variation, is written for engineering and technological know-how scholars who have to examine numerical challenge fixing. idea is brought to notify key options that are framed in purposes and verified utilizing MATLAB. The ebook is designed for a one-semester or one-quarter path in numerical equipment regularly taken by way of undergraduates.

The 3rd variation beneficial properties new chapters on Eigenvalues and Fourier research and is observed by way of an in depth set of m-files and teacher materials.

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This chapter has been written as a hands-on exercise. That is, you should read it while sitting in front of your computer. The most efficient way to become proficient is to actually implement the commands on MATLAB as you proceed through the following material. MATLAB uses three primary windows: • • • Command window. Used to enter commands and data. Graphics window. Used to display plots and graphs. Edit window. Used to create and edit M-files. In this chapter, we will make use of the command and graphics windows.

S=upper(s) Converts a string to upper case. s=lower(S) Converts a string to lower case. A number of built-in MATLAB functions are available to operate on strings. 2 lists a few of the more commonly used ones. For example, >> x1 = ‘Canada’; x2 = ‘Mexico’; x3 = ‘USA’; x4 = ‘2010’; x5 = 810; >> strcmp(a1,a2) ans = 0 >> strcmp(x2,’Mexico’) ans = 1 >> str2num(x4) ans = 2010 >> num2str(x5) ans = 810 >> strrep >> lower >> upper Note, if you want to display strings in multiple lines, use the sprint function and insert the two-character sequence \n between the strings.

The unit imaginary number √ ​ −1 ​ is preassigned to the variable i. 0000i It should be noted that MATLAB allows the symbol j to be used to represent the unit imaginary number for input. However, it always uses an i for display. 0000i There are several predefined variables, for example, pi. 1416 Notice how MATLAB displays four decimal places. 14159265358979 To return to the four decimal version, type >> format short The following is a summary of the format commands you will employ routinely in engineering and scientific calculations.

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