Atlas of Human Anatomy. Splanchnology–Ductless Glands–Heart by Ferenc Kiss, János Szentágothai

By Ferenc Kiss, János Szentágothai

Atlas of Human Anatomy, quantity compiles illustrations that categorize the anatomy of the human physique. This ebook is split into 5 major subject matters. the 1st 3 issues specialize in 3 structures of the body-digestive procedure, breathing process, and urogenital method. a number of the organs pointed out within the digestive process contain the salivary glands, pharynx, esophagus, belly, small gut, huge gut, and rectum. The elements of the breathing procedure, similar to the nostril, nasal hollow space, larynx, trachea, and lungs also are brought up. The anatomy of the urogenital process that comprises the reproductive organs and urinary procedure are likewise named. The final themes distinguish the constitution of the ductless glands and middle. This quantity is usually recommended for clinical scholars and clinicians carrying out paintings at the human anatomy.

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Aspectus anterior) THE AORTA, TRACHEA AND ESOPHAGUS, I (anterior view) 41 Fig. 38. AORTA, TRACHEA E T ESOPHAGUS I I . (aspectus posterior) THE AORTA, TRACHEA AND ESOPHAGUS, II (posterior view) 42 Fig. 39. ESOPHAGUS (aspectus posterior, paries posterior apertus) T H E ESOPHAGUS (posterior view, opened from behind) 43 OSTITJM CARDIACUM F U N D U S VENTRICULT Vertebra Th. X w _ ^ Curvatura ventriculi minor Vertebra Th. X I I . — Costa X I I ^ — CORPUS VENTRICULI N Curvatura ventriculi major Crista iliaca Vertebra L.

X I I . — Costa X I I ^ — CORPUS VENTRICULI N Curvatura ventriculi major Crista iliaca Vertebra L. Y t o , Fig. 40. VENTRICULUS (GASTER) I. (projectio ventriculi) THE STOMACH, I (the projection of the stomach) 44 Fig. 4L VENTRICULUS IL (aspectus anterior) Fig. 42. VENTRICULUS III. (tunica muscularis, stratum superficiale) THE STOMACH, I I (anterior view) THE STOMACH, I I I (the muscular coat, superficial layer) 45 Fig. 43. VENTRICULUS IV. (tunica muscularis, stratum profundum) Fig. 44. VENTRICULUS V.

67. LOBI PORTO-BILIARES HEPATIS II. (preparatum injectum et corrosum fecerunt J. Faller et G. Ungvâry) THE PORTO-BILIARY LOBES OF THE LIVER, I I (corrosion cast: J. Faller and G. Ungvâry) 63 Fig. 68. VENAE HEPATIS (vena portae et vena hepatica, preparatum corrosum fecit F . Kâ dar) THE HEPATIC VEINS (the portal and hepatic veins, corrosion cast: F. Kadar) Fig. 69. STRUCTURA HEPATIS (lobulus hepatis) THE STRUCTURE OF THE LIVER (a hepatic lobule) 64 Fig. 70. LIEN I. (aspectus lateralis, faciès diaphragmatica) THE SPLEEN, I (lateral view, diaphragmatic surface) 65 Fig.

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