Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

This particular and entire e-book finds the Taoist mystery of circulating Chi, the generative existence strength, during the acupuncture meridians of the physique. Illustrated with certain diagrams that relief the improvement of a robust vigorous move, for mental and religious well-being and stability.

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Hui-Yin CO-1 Fig. 6 Third Energy Center: For both men and women the Hui-Yin (perineum) is located midway between the anus and genitals. - 61 - Begin the Orbit Concentrating on this point sometimes leads to vibrating sensations or the feeling that something is jumping inside or a strong sexual arousal. Abdominal breathing can cause an erection to recede and allows for the concentration to continue without interruption. If you concentrate on this point too long however, it can open the thrusting routes (or Kundalini), which leads to various side effects.

Attention to breath will only distract the mind which must focus on drawing energy to the desired points. There are thousands of esoteric breathing methods; you might spend your whole life mastering them and acquire no lasting energy. Fig. 5 To relax, practice taking long slow deep breaths in the abdomen, not the chest. But once the Chi is awakened and you complete the route you may experience many different breathing patterns: rapid breathing, shallow breathing, deep breathing, prolonged retention of breath, spinal cord breathing, inner breathing, crown breathing, soles of the feet breathing, etc.

The parasympathetic permits the body to rest and feel secure. It generates calm, loving feelings and is in turn activated by similar feelings of love and acceptance from other people. These two systems are linked with every organ and gland in the body, which are given commands through the nervous system to speed up or slow down the activity of the body as needed. Thus it is through the link between your eyes and your nervous systems that your entire range of emotions and immediate physical reactions are controlled.

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