Bacterial Pathogenomics by Mark J. Pallen, Karen E. Nelson, Gail M. Preston

By Mark J. Pallen, Karen E. Nelson, Gail M. Preston

Details development within the fast-changing global of bacterial genomics.

  • Explains the medical advances that experience resulted from the applying of bacterial genome sequencing to the learn of ways bacterial pathogens have advanced and the way those micro organism reason sickness.
  • Reviews the influence of genomics on our knowing of chosen teams of pathogens, together with Escherichia coli, mycobacteria, Neisseria, staphylococci, spirochetes, Campylobacter, plant pathogens, and Photorhabdus.
  • Covers subject matters that lower throughout taxonomic barriers, similar to genomic signatures of intracellularity, the effect of shared genomic instruments and datasets, pathogenomics of bacterial biothreat brokers, the influence of phages at the evolution of bacterial pathogenicity, gram-positive protein secretion, mobilephone wall biosynthesis, and intracellular pathogens.
  • Serves as a source for any bacteriology study and as a key textual content for college kids of bacterial genomics and the molecular foundation of bacterial infection.

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