Batsford Chess Openings 2 by Garry Kasparov

By Garry Kasparov

A revised and up-to-date variation of the normal single-volume openings reference ebook. The ebook comprises foreign figurine algebraic notation and covers each establishing utilizing regular English names. The creation to every starting provides the foremost strategic principles and idea.

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Dealing with d4 Deviations

This e-book fills an important void in chess literature. There are a numerous variety of avid gamers who're more than happy to guard the black part of the Queen's Gambit or play the Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Bogo-Indian or Benoni. despite the fact that, usually they've been pressured to clutter their manner via an entire number of demanding sidelines White has at his or her disposal, together with the feared Trompowsky, the difficult Blackmar-Diemer Gambit and the tiresome Colle edition.

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31 Q x f8+ Kb7. 27 Qg8+ Kb7 28 B x d7 N x d7 29 Qd5+ c6? 30 Q x d6 Rd8 31 d5! The second winning line i s 3 1 . . Nc5 ! 32 Q x d8 Qfl! , 34 Nbl g3 35 Nd2 g2 36 Qc8+ Kb5 . But this memorable battle actually ended with: 47 Sophomore Marshall 31 . . Rf8? 32 d x c6+ Ka8 3 3 c x d7 Rf2+ 34 Kb3 Q x b2+ 3 5 Ka4! Resigns Although his results were far from uniformly impressive, what stands out during this period in Marshall's career is the improvement in the qual­ ity of his games. Even his losses were better in 1903 than in 1901-2.

B x a2 21 R x a2 B x e5 ! 22 Q x e5 Q x e5 23 d x e5 Rd5 24 e6 f6 25 Rd2 R x d2 26 B x d2 Kd8 27 e4 Ke7 28 Bf4 K x e6 29 Bd6 Rc8 After 29 . • . Rc8 In theory White's bishop is "bad" but it has greater scope here than the enemy knight. Now 30 RB could give him winning chances. 30 e5? f5 ! 31 Rf3 g 5 ! 32 Rb3 Nc7 33 Rh3 h4 34 g3 Nd5 ! 35 g x h4 g4 36 Rg3 Rh8 3 7 Rb3 R x h4 3 8 b5 f4 39 b x c6 b x c6 40 Rb7 f3 41 R x a7 Nf4 42 Re7+ Kd5 43 Rg7 R x h2! Of course, 44 K x h2 f2 wins. Black's technique is remarkable because this is the kind of endgame young players often lose against older veterans.

The tournament ended June 20 and Marshall remained in Europe for several weeks more. He did not compete at the year's second major event, which began in late July at Munich. But Marshall was on hand when Amos Burn with the help of Lasker used the occasion of the German Paris 1900 25 tournament to organize a chessplayer union. Mikhail Chigorin and Emanuel Schiffers of Russia, Karl Schlechter, Marco and Max Weiss of Austria. And there was one more charter member, the world's newest in­ ternational master, Frank Marshall of Brooklyn.

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