Benson's Microbiological Applications Laboratory Manual in by Alfred Brown, Heidi Smith

By Alfred Brown, Heidi Smith

The vintage source for undergraduate microbiology laboratory classes simply retains convalescing. The 60 self-contained basically illustrated routines, and four-color structure makes Microbiological functions: Laboratory guide commonly Microbiology, the proper lab guide. acceptable for both a majors or non-majors lab path, this lab guide assumes no previous natural chemistry direction has been taken.

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These phenomena are attributed to extracellular microbial products, such as long chain fatty acids [236-238] and various polymeric bioemulsifiers [239], which have already been isolated and identified [225, 240, 241]. Of particular interest is the extracellular product termed "emulsan" which is synthesized by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus RAG-I, and produced commercially for various uses [242]. Emulsan (molecular weight, 10 6 ) is an anionic. o-galactosamine-containing polymer which exhibits substrate specificity with respect to the hydrocarbons it emulsifies, yet is excreted into the growth medium even when RAG-l is grown on a water-soluble substrate such as ethanol or acetate [243].

Under certain conditions, a portion of the formaldehyde is oxidized to formate in the peroxisomes either by methanol oxidase itself[333], or by the reaction ofH 2 0 2 and catalase (an enzyme present in methanol induced peroxisomes) [327, 334, 335]. Since the first step in methanol oxidation in yeasts involves a flavoprotein oxidase which is not coupled to ATP synthesis, it might be expected that the energy gained from methanol oxidation by yeasts is lower than that of bacteria [18]. Practical observations have verified this hypothesis (see later in Table 19).

5 to 7 h surpasses that of the phototrophic microorganisms [190]. 2. Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide (as carbon source) have to be supplied, as well as nitrogen, in the form of ammonia, nitrate or urea [34]. The Ajinomoto Company in Japan has been investigating SCP production from carbon dioxide and hydrogen with Alcaligenes eutrophus [188, 191, 192]. 8 g cell/g Hz observed for Hz-limited chemostat culture of Hydrogenomonas H16. 3 which exceeded Y;';~x in Hz-limitation was obtained with A. eutrophus under Oz-limitation.

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