Bioactive Compounds from Extremophiles: Genomic Studies, by Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

By Lesley-Ann Giddings, David J. Newman

​This SpringerBrief sheds new mild on bioactive fabrics from extremophiles with the focal point at the biosynthesis techniques and comparable genomics. It bargains with all elements of the chemical substances produced through organisms dwelling lower than severe stipulations which could have strength as medicinal drugs or result in novel medicinal drugs for human use.

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Using MSn data processing software, partial peptide structures are assembled to produce core peptide sequences that can be correlated with natural product peptide biosynthetic pathways. This is also known as peptidogenomics. The authors conducted a series of proof of concept experiments using known peptides and identified 14 new natural product peptides from different sequenced strains of Streptomyces. Extending MS-guided genome mining, Kersten and coworkers also used this technique to identify new glycosylated natural product chemotypes.

Coli Heterologous expression of Discodermia calyx metagenome in E. coli Lyngbya boiullonii; L. majuscule; L. sordida; and Moorea producens Unknown eubacteria from T. swinhoei and Theonella sp. Compound Salinilactam 44 Bioactivity Antimicrobial References Udwary et al. (2007) Minimide 45 N/A Donia et al. (2011a, b) Bryostatin 46 Antiviral; inhibitor of protein kinase C isozymes; cytotoxic Newman (2012) Palmitoylputrescine 47 Antimicrobial Brady and Clardy (2004) Patellamide D 48 Cytotoxic Degnan et al.

Coli can now be used to produce the marine invertebrate-derived minimide 45 for preclinical testing, as a titer of only <10 µg of minimide per ascidian colony was previously obtained. Although several steps were required to optimize the transcription machinery of the E. coli host and dual-vector system used, this is a great example of heterologous expression of a marine-derived recombinant gene cluster in E. coli. Another major hurdle in the development of drugs based on marine-derived compounds, particularly those from marine sponges and ascidians, has been identifying the producing organisms and replenishing their supply.

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