Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues; 4th by Judith Goodenough

By Judith Goodenough

With a brand new open, student-friendly format and extra media integration, the Fourth variation of Biology of people: strategies, functions, and concerns keeps to customize the research of human biology. Its conversational writing kind, wonderful artwork, considerable purposes, and studying instruments advance your critical-thinking abilities. The authors supply a conceptual framework that will help you know how bodies paintings, and to house concerns suitable to human well-being in today’s global. You’ll achieve an appreciation for the intricacy of the human physique and where of people within the ecosphere.

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All organisms reproduce their own kind. 4. Living things use energy and raw materials. This father is feeding his child. 5. Living things respond to their environment. This chameleon sees and catches its prey. 6. Living things maintain homeostasis. 6°F) in spite of extreme environmental temperature. 7. Populations of living things evolve and have adaptive traits. The orchid is adapted to live perched on branches of trees. It uses other plants for support so that it can receive enough sunlight to produce its own food by photosynthesis.

6 A theory in science is a hypothesis, a hunch, or a scientist’s personal opinion on a subject. p. 9 Basic Characteristics of All Living Things Classification by Evolutionary Relationship Levels of Biological Organization Scientific Method Critical Thinking to Evaluate Scientific Claims Environmental Issue Medicinal Plants and the Shrinking Rain Forest n this chapter, we see that life has many levels of organization: individual, population, community, ecosystem, and biosphere. Throughout most of this book, we focus on the human individual—how the individual human body functions and the biological principles that govern those functions.

Other scientists following the same procedure should obtain a similar outcome. Note, however, that it can be very difficult to identify all the factors that might affect the outcome of an experiment. The testing and refinement of a hypothesis represents one level of the scientific process. As time passes, related hypotheses that have been confirmed repeatedly can be fit together to form a theory—a well-supported and wide-ranging explanation of some aspect of the physical universe. Because of its breadth, a theory cannot be tested by a single experiment but instead emerges from many observations, hypotheses, and experiments.

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