Biopolitical Surveillance and Public Health in International by J. Youde

By J. Youde

Utilizing old and modern case experiences, Youde strains the transferring stability among surveillance and international public solid provision and means that a human rights-based approach deals a reliable compromise.

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It does send a signal, though, that political leaders must be aware that disjunctures between rhetoric and policy may lead to international criticism and punitive sanctioning. Such oversight benefits not only the citizens of a given country, but also the entire international community. C ONCLUSION With increased attention to health within the international community has come increased surveillance. ” Others have called this an advance for recognizing the interdependence of global health. Both of these perspectives are at work within the international community.

4 As such, the state took a growing interest in regulating, moderating, and overseeing the health of its citizens in various, distinct realms. ”5 It introduces policies, procedures, and regulations that allow it to regulate and optimize life. ”6 Foucault subdivides the state’s interest in and regulation of the body into three realms. The first and broadest is biopower, by which states acquired power over people as biological entities instead of simply as political subjects. The bodies themselves, and not just what they represent, becomes an important concern for the state.

85 Exploring how biopolitical surveillance can lead to greater attention and greater resources for improved international health can demonstrate how biopolitics need not necessarily undermine the international system. While Foucault emphasizes the connections between state power and biological existence, it bears emphasizing that biopower directly encouraged many of the sanitary and health reforms that lengthened life spans and improved living conditions for millions of Europeans. Governments may have seen improved public health as a means for reducing the poor’s financial burden on the state, but this desire allowed for the extension of sewer services, addition of health clinics, and improvement in general sanitation.

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