Brand Revolution: Rethinking Brand Identity by Marie-Claude Sicard (auth.)

By Marie-Claude Sicard (auth.)

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By definition, a brand is distinct, unique. Drop two handfuls of cereal in a bowl of milk: who’s to say they’re Kellogg’s? Look at the young man waiting for the bus on the sidewalk across the street: can you be absolutely sure that the jeans he’s wearing are Levi’s? Certainly not. Without the name on the product, in many cases it’s difficult to identify the brand. Fine, the same practical-minded folk will say, brand identity is made up of a product and a name. Yes, but that’s not enough either.

What person? What vision of mankind lies behind contemporary marketing literature? What’s the State of Affairs Today? Behind the rock brand and the edifice brand there is the civilizing ideology and the desire for immortality. Behind the brand-machine and the brand-motor, there is the productivist ideology and the mythology of progress. What lies behind the person brand? That’s harder to discern for two reasons: ■ We’re closer to it and thus lack critical distance for analyzing it; ■ Without the attributes and glitter of the star, the person brand amounts to nothing concrete.

In fact, whether one turns the spotlight on the center of a circle or the summit of a pyramid, assigning to center and summit a superior power of concentration, the same operation takes place: a distinction between what is essential and what is less so. It is, indeed, very difficult to mark a division between two or more components of identity without succumbing to the (conscious or unconscious) temptation to hierarchize them with respect to one another. To inscribe and color a little circle inside a bigger one amounts to drawing a focal point, implicitly ascribing more value to it than to the rest.

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