Brazilian Expeditionary Force in World War II by Cesar Campiani Maximiano

By Cesar Campiani Maximiano

Within the English-speaking global, it really is in general unknown volunteer Brazilian Expeditionary strength (FEB) fought along the U.S. military in Italy from mid-1944 till the top of global struggle II (1939-1945). This was once in impression a gentle infantry department, along with 3 infantry regiments augmented with artillery and lightweight armour. It used to be supported via a Brazilian Air strength contingent of a gentle reconnaissance squadron in addition to a P-47 Thunderbolt-equipped fighter squadron. even if all guns, uniform, package and gear have been both American-supplied or American types, there have been specified Brazilian diversifications to uniforms and different key items of equipment. this can be a heavily researched quantity on a little-studied subject material entire with a number formerly unpublished photos and particularly commissioned art plates.

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3 Schacht, Korvettenkapitän Harro 5 Soares, Leonerico 12 Solon, Lt 24 Souza, Soldado Otávio 43 Truscott, Gen Lucian 13, 40 U-507 (German submarine) 5 Udihara, Lt Massaki 37 uniforms 12, 37–39 chaplains A3 (43) combat shirts 3 corporals A2 (43), H2 (47) field jackets 19, 38 gunners D2 (45), D3 (45) medics F3 (46), G1 (46) mess kits 9 officers 7, A1 (43), D1 (44–45), F1 (45–46), H1 (47) privates B1 (43), C2 (44), C3 (44), E2 (45), G2 (46) rifle platoons E3 (45) sergeants B2 (43–44), C1 (44), G3 (46–47) snow camouflage 14, E1 (45) summer 6, 8, 36 trousers 38 tunics 4 Type A 7 winter B3 (44) US Fifth Army 9, 11 US 10th Mountain Division 16, 17, 19, 22, 23 US Tables of Organization and Equipment 8 Vargas, Getúlio 3, 4, 7 Viana, Col João de Segadas 9 von Senger und Etterlin, Gen 19 von Vietinghoff, Gen 33 Oliveira, Lt Iporan Nunes de 20–21 Oliveira, Lt Irani de 37 Operation “Encore” 15–18 Orlandino da Costa e Souza, José 22 Walters, Maj Vernon 40, 40 weapons and equipment canteens 41 field equipment 41–42 M2 105mm howitzers 18 M3A1 halftracks 22 M8 Greyhound armored cars 9, 21, 24 M1903 Springfields 17 machine guns 11, 14 musette bags 42 Paiva, Lt Paulo 14 Palermo, Pvt Ferdinando 11 Zanesco, Pvt Hilário Decimo 33 Zenóbio da Costa, Gen Euclydes 9, 10, 24 Nielsen, Col Ariel W.

E 3 : R I F L E P L AT O O N L E AD E R , F E B R U A RY 1945 This platoon leader on patrol can hardly be distinguished from the enlisted men he commands. He wears a US-made “jeep cap,” and his shortened Brazilian officer’s coat is covered by a US field jacket displaying the “BRASIL” sleeve shield. The magazines of his M3 “grease gun” are taped together, and extra magazines are carried in his front trouser pockets. ) This segundo-tenente is one of many Brazilian officers who opted for US-made double-buckle boots.

He went on to complete 99 combat missions in Italy – the greatest number recorded by any Brazilian pilot. Like the FEB, Brazilian airmen wore a mix of US and national clothing, but in the harshest winter period most of their flight gear was of US origin. The B-10 flight jacket was popular, but here a B-3 is worn over Brazilian-made flight overalls, with regular US Army “rough-out” field shoes. com 45 trench foot, both of which were common during the winter of 1944–45 in the Apennines. Although obscured here by the angle, his helmet bears four red crosses on hand-painted white discs, and a Geneva Convention armband of Brazilian manufacture is pinned to his left sleeve, below the ubiquitous “BRASIL” shield.

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