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Representations S SNAKES are what Medusa had on her head instead of hair. DRAGON In classical mythology, the dragon is associated with the ideas of guardianship and protection. The engraving of a snake biting its tail to form a circle was the emblem of the so-called seal of Solomon that was used by theosophical societies. In Buddhism, the snake represents natural tendencies toward aggression. However, in medicine, it has long been associated with an ancient Greek symbol, the “rod of Asclepius,” which had a snake coiled around it.

G A L A PA G O S I S L A N D S Española Floreana CLOSE RELATIVES The Chaco tortoise (Geochelone chilensis) is a continental ancestor. THE LENGTH OF TIME A TORTOISE CAN LIVE WITHOUT EATING OR DRINKING LONG NECK can reach the leaves of bushes. San Cristóbal Pinzón Isabela Giants CAN BE LAID BY A FEMALE IN ONE SEASON. HOWEVER, VERY FEW YOUNG TORTOISES SURVIVE. 1 Reproduction Mating BRIDGE joins the upper shell to the plastron. is rather aggressive; the male immobilizes the female in order to mount and fertilize her.

Hawksbills have a long life span and migrate less than other marine species. The leatherback, the largest marine turtle, is one of the world's foremost migratory animals: it routinely crosses the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches where they nest and lay their eggs are now threatened by development related to tourism. Status Endangered Habitat Tropical Waters Size 4 feet (120 cm) The loggerhead is a marine turtle that inhabits the coasts of tropical seas and can migrate great distances during its reproductive period.

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