British Fortifications Through the Reign of Richard III An by Jean-Denis G. G. Lepage

By Jean-Denis G. G. Lepage

British Fortifications during the Reign of Richard III

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It is likely that several farming communities lived in the hill fort and wanted different entrances. The defenses of the early Maiden Castle were rebuilt on at least one occasion. 5 to 7 m). The déblai (spoil) from re-digging the ditch was deposited on the back of the rampart. At the same time, the protection around the eastern entrances was made more elaborate. A bank and ditch were constructed outside the two entrances, and an earthwork was built between them. The bank had a wall faced with limestone, which originated over 2 miles (3 km) away.

47 48 British Fortifications Clickhimin Broch (conjectured reconstruction) occupies what is today a promontory in the freshwater Clickimin Loch, on the outskirts of Lerwick. Originally, however, it was an island reached by boat, as denoted by the landing stage just outside the ringfort defenses on the south side. It was inhabited from c. C. D. 500. Accommodation in the fort, pre-dating the broch, is represented by a low cellular structure of late Bronze Age or early Iron Age date. In the broch period the island was accessed by a stone causeway.

The landward side of the fortress was additionally defended by three chevron-shaped ramparts on the landward side. A significant harbor (both a commercial and a military base) was built on the northwest side of the promontory, outside the annex but within the protection afforded by the triple outer ramparts. The illustration shows the following features:1: Citadel; 2: Lower ward; 3: Triple defensive wall; 4: Port. 1. Prehistoric Fortifications 35 The trivallate hill fort (three almost-concentric enclosures) at Mooghaun North, county of Clare, is thought to be the largest hill fort in Ireland.

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