British Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars by Philip Haythornthwaite, Adam Hook

By Philip Haythornthwaite, Adam Hook

A close, illustrated reference aimed toward modellers, wargamers, historians and re-enactors. huge captions supply information, details and causes on Napoleonic issues.

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The Border Reivers

From the thirteenth century until eventually early within the seventeenth century the Border Marches of britain and Scotland have been torn by means of a vicious and virtually non-stop cycle of raid, reprisal and blood feud. The Border Reiver used to be a certified farm animals thief, a guerilla soldier expert at raiding, monitoring and ambush and a good organised ‘gangster’.

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Both men were fearsomely effective Breton commanders and Clisson became known as 'The Butcher'. E. T. 281-82 25 Froissart, Jean, 'Chronicles', various extracts translated by J. Dunbabin, S. Muhlberger, J. Bourcher & H. Nicholson, De Re Militari website (Feb 2009) 47 The Great Chevauchee - J o h n of Gaunt's Raid on France 1 3 7 3 Most fighting during the Great Chevauchee seems to have been on foot and there were no major battles, just a series of skirmishes, ambushes and generally unsuccessful assaults upon small towns or suburbs.

285-86 50 The Raid villes to raise forces or get financial contributions; the local authorities of Arras and Saint-Quentin sending crossbowmen 'within France, against the enemies of the kingdom' now that the threat to their own cities had passed. The river Marne was the biggest such obstacle that the English had yet faced, especially as the main bridge had been destroyed. Nevertheless, the presence of military engineers and craftsmen in the army, and the availability of abundant timber in that area, meant that the river was crossed safely.

Amongst them were Gui de la Tremoille, the Count of Ligny and the Constable Du Guesclin who arrived between 20 and 27 September. The Duke of Anjou was also there. In reality the Duke of Burgundy seems to have been organizing his forces, which, for the first time on this campaign, now represented the greater part of the strength of France. He also had urgent family matters to consider and on 20 September made a hurried visit to Jully-sur-Sarce to see his wife, who was two months pregnant. He also wanted news of his other children, who were at Rouvre and Talent, their security being shared among the Captain of Dijon with three companies of nine knights, Guy de Cicons with four companies of nine knights, and an urban militia of between 60 and 80 men.

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