Comprehensive Chess Endings - Pawn Endings by Averbakh, Y. & Maizelis, I. - Pergamon Press, 1st ed, 1987)

By Averbakh, Y. & Maizelis, I. - Pergamon Press, 1st ed, 1987)

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Dealing with d4 Deviations

This publication fills a massive void in chess literature. There are a numerous variety of avid gamers who're more than happy to protect the black facet of the Queen's Gambit or play the Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian, Bogo-Indian or Benoni. even though, mostly they've been pressured to clutter their manner via a complete number of stressful sidelines White has at his or her disposal, together with the feared Trompowsky, the difficult Blackmar-Diemer Gambit and the tiresome Colle version.

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14 tLle5± Prie-De la Villa Garcia, Leon 1 99 1 . 1 3 exd4 13 tLlxe5? tLlf5 hits e3 and favours Black. 1 3 ... e4 This has become a well-known po­ sition: I think that Black is distinctly better. 14 �xe4! Weak is 14 tLle5? �xd4, and 14 O-O? f2 �d6 with a winning position. 41 Play the French 14 ... dxe4 15 tZ'le5 15 ... g6 This is good, but apparently sim­ pler is the recent 15 . . �d7! of Potkin­ Filippov, Togliatti 2003, which in­ tends 16 'iVh5+ g6 17 tZ'lxg6 hxg6 1 8 �xh8 0-0-0 with excellent play.

Fl , 9 . . , is still untried. This would preserve the op­ tion of playing the move . . ttJg4 at some point. fl has been outrageously favourable to the Black pieces in practice. Here 10 . . te7 has given Black a 60% winning percent­ age in my database with about a 100point performance rating advantage; but 1O . . d7 is another effective al­ ternative, as it has an amazing 500- 45 Play the French point performance rating advantage for Black in 55 games! (Of course, that is by no means proof of objective worth, and the sample sizes are re­ duced by unrated games, but still .

C 5+) 1 1 . . txf5 exf5 is Sobolevsky­ Enders above; 12 lle1?! i.. g 5 �g7) 12 . . a6 13 b4 ttJg6+ Maderna­ Naj dorf, Mar del Plata 1942. 31 9 ttJg5 This is known as Sorensen's Gam­ bit. It has undergone a spurt of popu1arity and White has enjoyed a num­ ber of nice attacking victories, but it is dubious at best if the opponent is prepared. ttJc6! The simplest course, fighting for the initiative by attacking e5. 10 lIe 1 This is thought to be best and has been played almost exclusively. tc2 ttJd4 16 wt'd1 ttJg4!

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