Hosting a Press Conference or Media Presentation Event

Hosting a Press Conference or Media Presentation Event

Great presenters are instantly recognizable. They possess a certain panache and physical presence that is hard to replicate, but not impossible. All great presenters possess the same set of tools to engage their audience during an event. The best presentations, whether a media event, press conference, or something else entirely, ensure the presenter is in control at all times to keep their mind at ease and their message clear. Staying in control means more than being ready to speak though, it is also important to design your event and presentation’s layout and aesthetic to a high pedigree. While everyone has their own method when it comes to hosting a press conference or media presentation event, the following tips will aid anyone looking to add a little flair to their public affairs.

Add a Visual Element to your Presentation

Audiences attend events to listen to the speaker, but without some visual stimulation to go along with a long diatribe about whatever, it can be easy to lose focus or stop paying attention. From a planning standpoint, visual mediums should always be accessible to the speaker or presenter. Visuals accompany most presentations these days so not facilitating the use of them is a complete foul. From the standpoint of a presenter, if you aren’t using visuals and aren’t Martin Luther King Jr., good luck becoming a prolific speaker because attention spans are much shorter than they were fifty years ago. Creating effective visuals is easier than ever before with the use of proprietary software.

Make the Audience Feel as Special as the Speaker

Everybody at a press conference or media presentation event knows why they’re there, but a little recognition goes a long way. Keeping an RSVP list leading up to the event warrants enough time for the creation of nametags or personalized brochures for attendees. The attention to detail pays off when it comes time to talk. Offer refreshments and appetizers to attendees as well, people are more attentive when they aren’t hungry. Another good tactic is creating a seating chart beforehand. Not only does this keep the event running smoothly and orderly, it recognizes the attendees name once again (and remember they love that).

Lighten Up (the room)

While most events are a matter of business, shedding the typical business suit constraints of a press conference or media presentation can keep the audience more relaxed and lighthearted, which makes for a happier event. Presenters, don’t be afraid to crack a joke here and there, it’s usually good to have a few light witticisms on retainer. Just think about all the press coverage Obama receives every time he makes one of his awkward president jests. It works. As for the room itself, unless aiming to frame the event in a certain aesthetic that involves darkening the room; keep it as bright as possible. It’s nearly impossible to sleep when blindingly bright lights are shining from up above (unless you’re Ruth Bader Ginsburg), plus it puts everything in the spotlight which highlights the reason everyone is in attendance anyway – the speaker.

Finding Help: Letting the Pros take the Reins

For those who aren’t up to the task, finding professionals to conduct a press conference or media presentation event might be a better alternative. Be careful when looking to hire help though, for every professional-level event planning team looking to transform your event, there’s a group of college party people who think that because they can throw a keg stand competition on the beach, that automatically qualifies them for “event planning.” Clearly there’s a stark difference. A good start is checking to see if they have a website. Everyone has Facebook, and it only takes a few minutes to rip an emblem off Google and repurpose it for a “business page.” Companies with real websites and portfolios are indicative of professionalism and quality, thus the ones that should be considered when looking for help.


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