How Custom Lighting and Draping Can Transform Your Event Space

How Custom Lighting and Draping Can Transform Your Event Space


Choosing the right setting to host an event is usually a primary concern for event planners, but sometimes the right location comes paired with the wrong infrastructure to accommodate the event. The use of strategic lighting and draping is integral to transforming an event space from seemingly unfit to perfect. Additionally, creating atmosphere is another use for lighting and draping. Transforming your event space into a fully realized masterpiece takes time and patience, but with the following tips, anyone can do it.

Realizing Infinite Rooms

What many fail to realize is in the eye’s of a designer, every room contains an infinite number of other rooms within the same space. It seems illogical at first, even paradoxical, but the truth is simple. Notice how when you look at detailed paintings or other works of two-dimensional art, the artist is able to create the illusion of depth, the same concept applies in three-dimensional space. While the artist manipulates the human eye with shadows, skillful use of foreground and background, and lighting, an effective event planner will use drapes and lighting to mimic many of the same effects. This becomes very important when considering a room’s layout. Drapes can be used to create rooms and hallways in an open space. Does the event space seem too large for the size of an event? Drapes can be used to guide guests into a designated area while hiding unused space. What if the event space is too small? Strategic lighting to create shadows and the illusion of invisible space in the darkness can make the boundaries of a room drift on endlessly.

Creating an Atmosphere of Intrigue

There’s something undeniably mysterious about draping and lighting when used effectively in an event space. Countless clubs, banquet halls, ballrooms, auditoriums, and other event halls use draping and lighting to convey a certain feeling for the people inhabiting these spaces. Drapes that hang down from the ceiling to the floor, effectively masking entire walls, tickle our curiosity and beg our minds to wonder what lies behind. Although we know there is only a wall beyond the drapes, our suspension of disbelief often kicks in when occupying a new, foreign, or luxurious space, and especially when having a few cocktails. Lighting from the base creates a seductive shadow against the drape, adding to the intrigue of the room while provoking an ambience of elegance. Experimenting with light colors can deeply influence the mood of a room. From blue lighting which can make one feel as if underwater or somewhere in space, to green lighting that causes one to imagine themselves in a world of binary code like “The Matrix”, lighting and draping offers event planners a simple and versatile set of tools for creating atmosphere.

Lighting Tricks to Transform the Room

Although draping is extremely important to the process of transforming an event space, the amount of lighting tricks one can use to transform an event space are staggering. Depending on the components of the event space – number of textures, style of flooring, height of ceiling, width of space, color of walls, etc. – the options for effective lighting use change. That means every event space is a unique opportunity to experiment with lighting. One of the most important things to keep in mind when lighting an event space is texture. Upward facing lighting are dramatic, coupled with soft patterned lights, they add depth to the room. Different themes can be achieved by altering the frequency and position of these lights. Color changing and color fading lights can be used to cycle through different feelings to accent a high concept theme or create a feeling of movement in the room. Revolving spotlights, led light displays, and even industrial lighting all exude a different effect on an event space. Opt for something memorable. It only takes a few well-positioned lights to get started.



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