Edgy and Refined was the goal for our latest project at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay for the Snyder wedding on November 5th, 2011.  With the use of 20 LED fixtures, 4 custom break out gobo’s and a custom monogram gobo we were able to achieve such a result.

Often enough our clients are looking for an LED uplighting package because that’s typically what you will find in most wedding magazines and videos.  Uplighting is great start and can have a dramatic effect on an otherwise plain room. However, it’s also important to interject some white light to create a balance so you don’t get the “Smirf” effect.  The smirf effect occurs when you wash the room with two much color, say blue, and then everything starts to look that color, including your guests. This can be balanced out with the use of the existing channdaleers in the ballroom.  Unfortunately, not all ballrooms are wired equally, so its important to not make any assumptions.

With the use of 4 break out gobo’s we were able to interject enough white light while keeping a perfect balance of violet light created by our 20 LED fixtures.   We chose rounded edged patterns that are curvy and contemporary. These large projections not only covered the corners of the room but the ceiling and wall space as well, adding a unique effect.

It is very common to project the custom monogram/gobo on the dancefloor but we tend to advise against it.  By placing the gobo on the dancefloor you loose its effect the second your dancefloor fills with guests. If the wall space allows, a projected monogram is a great way to make the ballroom yours.

Additional Photos Courtesy of Life Long Studios